Great thunder & burning rain, now blood & metal meet down
Riding on iron horses for the sky, pure made of golden immortality
Kiss our swords of steel of king, united power of 3
Called back forgotten storm winds, calls back blessed
Battle fires again

Locked the black spell has been broken, now we're back from the dead of... ,
Proudly we're returned to this ground of fire
With swords drawn held high... , all sworn the eternal vow of... ,
When we're reborn, you know that you must pay

(Steel the might, metal the brave, iron the great / oh-)

Iron and steel and metal, the time has come, force to fight (for us to fight)
Iron and steel and metal, kill for kingdom to come (our fight will never end)

Raise your hands and fists high, going to ride away at full speed
In blood I take my pure payment, the golden sword of the vengeance
Sign our souls with axes of the rage, united power of 3 forces
Called back forgotten storm thunders, called back
Blessed battle hymns again


We hold up our hammer high, swing our hammer to this ground land,
We've sworn the oath in the darkness, in the coldest
Winter night,
When the wings of fury blow through, our meeting with fate is now,
Wings of the battle flying is now, we will never die
Together in the end...
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Iron 'n' Steel 'n' Metal Lyrics

Metalucifer – Iron 'n' Steel 'n' Metal Lyrics