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Don't Want To Lose You Lyrics

Messy Marv – Don't Want To Lose You Lyrics

I see the way you move your hips the way you shake your ass and you lick your lips like fuck high school she rather go to the club get drunk and get fucked without no rub she's in love with a thug to young to see my nigga that being black is the thang to be she only 16 she don't know no better nobody never told her about them alphabet letters tried to tell her though but she wouldn't listen to me I doont want her to fuck around and catch an h hiv baby black is beautifulage should see is aiint no comin back from that shit p---- Educate yourself know that its out here No that it don't give a fuck about no body out hereOne of these days some niggas might foo ya so sista be coo cuzz I don't want to loose you so how could I loose you now I don't want to loose you so how could loose you now I don't want to loose you so how could I loose you now

Look you know I see the way he treat ya nigga allways wanna put his hands on you and beat you love you can try ya hardest but its never enough nigga feelin like you cheatin cause it was never no trust How could you stand there and let a nigga dog you out You intellegent ------------Everytime you leave love you come right back I can't do nothing about it cause you gona ruun right back y'all fight everynigh you can't sasy that he love you He don't let you out the house you can't say that he trust you Baby black is beautiful love you a queen you gone stay or you gona leave it ain't no in between stop lying to your self baby you not happy all that arguing and fight love that shit is so tacky You got to take advantage of the little things in life the situation over there ain't right


You knnow that nigga wasn't shit when you meet him said he wasn't gone get you preganate but sista you still let him what you thijnkin he caan baarley take csre of his self how a nigga gone take care of somebody else one day he was there the next day he was gone now you stuck with a kid you gotta raise on your own got you down at the county applying for the wic ya whole life turned around on some little bit of dick keep your sense of humor maintain your smile Never let a nigga come between you and your child Baby black is beautiful niggas show hate it be sturn love don't let a nigga make you feel intimidated take a look in the mirror and see what you become a damn good mother to your daughterer and your son stand up and be a women don't let him mis use you for real love you my sista be coo cause

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