Here's a little tune
You'll be happy to know
Keep it close to you
Wherever you may go

God gave us ten simple rules
To get us through
A little something
Just for us to live by

So now hide them in your heart
And you will be fine

And Lord said,
"Have no other gods but God;
To worship idols just won't do.
Be careful with the way you use God's name,
And keep Sunday special too.
Honor your parents, don't take any lives.
And when you're old enough to marry, be true.
Do not steal or lie
Or want those things that don't belong to you. "
These are ten simple rules God gave to me and you

Now the good Lord said,
"You better listen to Me.
If you follow these rules,
Then they will set you free, "

"Because I want you to live
A happy life
And help others
To be happy too. "

So when things go wrong
These words
Will get you through
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Ten Simple Rules Lyrics

Mercyme – Ten Simple Rules Lyrics