Seen you so many times before
Seen you often pass my door
You walked the streets all alone.
Lost in the crowd, face unknown
In the parks and cafe sitting quiite
Bieng alone dos you feel alright.

Recallin’ those days
Lost in the haze
Lonely nights and the silent ways
No friend to share your feeling
No one to smile to your dreams
Life goes by dreaming.

Lonesome soul wher’re you going in the cold
Lonesome soul driftin’ alone, no one to hold.
All you need is friend, lonesome soul.

You get high when the lights are low
Go to the bars where lovers go
Voices wishpering for some more.
How high you reach no body knows
In your empty room sleeping quite
Wake up lonely every night.

Thinking of the past
And all that’s lost
A loner with a broken heart.
No one to touch your feeling
No arms to hold you in your dreams
Days go on by dreamin’.

Lonesome soul what’s doing
Tired of the world.
Lonesome soul
Living alone growing cold
Lonesome soul whe’re you going’
Out in the cold.
Lone some soul driftin’ alone
No one to hold
All you need is love, lone some soul.
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Lonesome Soul Lyrics

Mercy – Lonesome Soul Lyrics