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Kiss Da Cat Lyrics

Mercedes – Kiss Da Cat Lyrics

Baby come lay down over here right quick
Whatcha want me to do
I want you to slide my panties down
And do that for me
Do what
You know what you said you was gonna do
I never did nothing like that before
There's a first time for everything
Well I'll tell you what why dond you lift my shirt up for right now and kiss my
Like that
Em huh but you got to kinda move down alittle bit
Like that
Yea now kiss my navel
Like that
Ye but this time put a little tongue in to it
Like that
Yea now kiss my thighs\
Like that
Em huh
Whys you pushing my head down like that for
Im just tryying to get you to give me a kiss
Like that
Yea but you got to like spread it open and blow in it
Like that
Now lick it one time
Like that
Yea uh do it one more time just close your eyes this time
Like that
Em huh
Whys you pushin my head down
Im trying to get you to get in to it
Lik that
Em huh
Like that
Em huh that was real good
Now you gonna do me
No cause see i got to go some where right fast so im gonna halla at you later
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