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Chicks With Dicks Lyrics

Mentors – Chicks With Dicks Lyrics

I can't believe my eye
Watchin you on sunset strip
Wearin all that glam rock makeup
In drag and buckin your hip

Glam rock faggot
All you are is a
Glam rock fag
Chicks with dicks
Chicks with dicks

Ya hang out on the strip
Heh tryin to pick up on chicks
With that girlish makeup dressed in drag
I'm sorry you all have dicks
I don't like you lookin like a woman
When I'm lookin like a man
I'm gonna have to smack your face
And kick you in your fucking can

Chicks with dicks
Out on the strip
Every day and every night
All you are is chicks with dicks
Your not no rock n roller to me
Your chicks with dicks
Drag queens
Chicks with dicks
Your all dressed in drag

Then you think your rockin
But out back a dick the're suckin
Come on now grow up
And do it like a man
Shave your head
And play rock n roll
And don't put on a posin show
Cause I know how to rock
And I look like a man with a c***

Chicks with dicks
All you are is chicks with dicks
Chicks with dicks
I'm talkin to a drag queen
Chicks with dicks
You know what I mean
Chicks with dicks
The guys on sunset strip
That think the're so cool
The're chicks with dicks
They make a faggot wanna drool

Chicks with dicks

Call in the skinheads
Call in the mafia
Let's clean up the show
Cause these guys go to the top
And they give the producers a blow
Faggots and homos they used
To hang out at the starwood and whiskey
But to get to the top with the dudes
They get friskey

Chicks with dicks
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