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Aspect Of An Old Maid Lyrics

Mendoza Line – Aspect Of An Old Maid Lyrics

Chastised and abraded
So windswept and faded
She wore the aspect of an old maid

Well you're still taking lovers
You take some further than others
I still can not believe how I saw behind your blinded,
Blotted eyes
But I could not get beneath your covers

I've seen the old cabaret
With the fetish's tailor
I've seen the morbid cachet
Of significant failure

And I know this means so much more to me than it does
To you
But meet me back in room 417 we've still got work to do

Hey baby I know you had that baby before you were
Really ready to
Because I've seen you hold it so timid and unsteady and
I've seen the fear when it looks at you

And I've seen so much of your body
And though you were just under 30
I swore I saw on your face the aspect of an old maid
(Old maid)

And to call on your tyrant director
That his cruel will be dispersed
'Til all my deeds to the inspector
I am ready for the worst

All that hubcap stealing, marijuana dealing, high sex
Crimes and electric cars

Hey painting in the crosshairs lets you rearrange the
Deck chairs
Though you swoon and you sway you still don't belong
And it's not as if I ever really told you that I cared
But you know that even if I did
You still would not be spared

And you're still taking long drives
Even the end designing needs of why

Oh it's so hard to know just how to dress for the last
Days of our lives

I've seen the whole three act play
I've seen the poster and the trailer
I never thought I'd have to pay
This much attention to one girl just to nail her

Down as to what it was
She wore the aspect of an old maid
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Songwriters: TIMOTHY BRACY
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