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Dr. Jam (In The Slam) Lyrics

Men At Play – Dr. Jam (In The Slam) Lyrics

Gonna take the story about Dr. J.
He's taking his team all the way
He leads them through the nba
Scoring big points in every way

They should call him Dr. Jam
'Cause he can do it, he can do it in the slam
They should call him Dr. Jam
He can do it, he can do it in the slam

Gone in the hoops at N. Y. C.
Got my basketball when he was only three
When all through school guys got a degree
The man's a legend, yes siree
His mpv is for our some play
That made the league of the aba
And every game he plays first base
Then he got his liscense to operate

Operate, operate, operate, operate
The man spent the years of his intership
Flying across the land in a rocketship
When 90 caused dd to go
Let's go outside, here I go
The alien said it needs a name
In order to play the basketball game
And just about a kind of teams he'd prosper
Was only be fitted to call him doctor

Repeat Chorus

Then an angel told me right in the eye
Down comes the doctor out of the sky
He truly can fly; it's not artificial
And watch him zoom; that's beneficial
Knocking on the back door, couldn't get in
Not by magic's chinny chin chin
So the Lord sent Moses to help him play
And He wrote the commandments and now they say:

"This team's for real!"
"Thou shalt not steal!"

On the court, they really click
They'll even take away your first draft pick
And zap the hoop; puts the ball through
Got to do what he's got to do

Repeat Chorus

Winter, spring, summer, fall
There's more to the man than basketball
He's concerned about; what the worlds can do
The cost of oil around the trail
About people together and people alone
Who you gonna believe about the ozone
Well, the kind of people you're gonna find
When you reach the year 1999

1999, yeah

Doc Base of education 'round the nation
Studies legislation and the segregation
He reads the bible said sharp dressed honey
Doesn't hurt the way he plays under pressure

Repeat Chorus

This is the year you can't stand in his way
As his team parts the scene called the nba
On a fast break they'll dribble
In the lane, down the middle
Doc has it together; the combination is odd
He's running with Moses and playing like "Say what?"

The whole teams caught up in the race
As the Doc leads them at a championship race
One thing's for certain, two things for sure
If you have play our fever, Dr. J's got the cure

Repeat Chorus and fade
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