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Who I Am Lyrics

Memory Alexandra – Who I Am Lyrics

Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Intro words!
"Strength is all about
What you choose to be.. It's all about!
How you want it to be.
Not about what you've been through.
You can decide, when the struggles end
But it starts from within"
Just Believe...(intro ends)

Who said I'm not worthy of
Anything good in life?!
Who made you God over me?
You fought and fought me
Like you created me, But you realize now
You're not my God, You didn't make me
You're not my God

You never created me! Oh,
Incubator you were of me...
But that's not enough...

Who told you,
You could tell me how to live?..
What to have and not have?
I may have struggled just a little
Bit longer.. But it's made me who I Am
Through the struggles that I faced
I made it through
And I thank
The Lord for all of my struggles
Cos it made me, A better me now
I know I cried, I know I was sad
I know it broke my heart...
But it made me...

9x) Who I Am

I would have never been myself
If not for you..
If it wasn't for you!
I would have never become,
Who I'm mean't to be.
So I'm thanking you for everything that
You've done, It's all about who I am

5X) Who I am

You're the reason why I'm here
You're the reason why I made it

I'm better now
Because of everything that you did to me
Sometimes when things are happening
The darkness think that they got
Some strength over you,
But they don't know..
The Lord is just using them as a stepping
Stone to build you up
To where you need to be...
So believe in yourself and focus on
Your dreams and goals
So you might become who you are...
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