I feel love, I feel close to you
The words I believed to be true
That falls, it all goes down to you
The signs that finally led me to
Your side, outside the sky is blue
Is full of golden colors too
They shine, they shine the way I do
The way is right ahead

You don't know how hard I
I've been trying to do
What you've done for me, girl,
And slowly made it true
Cause the stars are shining
And they all shine for you
And the way we started

I fly until the highest view
I fly until I reach into you(r)
Taste the light I needed too
The sky is what I'm coming to
Your side, outside the life is blue
Is full of golden colors too
Sunshine in everything you do
Everytime you make a smile

So let's keep the blue over our head
Everything's new or everything's said
The reasons we knew, the vision's we had,
Everything's true and waiting ahead
Don't you come down now
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Audrey Lyrics

Meltones – Audrey Lyrics