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Upside Down Lyrics

Melody Chebrellan – Upside Down Lyrics

I am upside down
To you my smile may look like a frown
Cause I am turned around
Only my split ends are touching the ground

Don’t you worry about me
I’m just hanging from a tree
All the stranger angles tangle all the input in my eye sockets
Pictures turn to puzzle pieces falling from my open pockets

Moving in reverse
Bizarre rebirth emerging from a hearse
Seems I’m growing young
Germinating back to the spring from which I sprung

Don’t you worry about me
This the way it has to be
Time spattering like spin art as the planet wobbles counterclockwise
Strapped inside the whirling teacups grip, hiccup, hurl closing my eyes

I am inside out
My squishy organs are hanging all about
Though I have been inverted
My sense of self is preserved not perverted

Don’t you worry about me
I won’t be tumbled out to sea
Though the tidal waves are rushing crushing salty sprays are keeping sweeping
Sinews propel paddle so I won’t be made part of the reaping!

Don’t you worry
Don’t you worry
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