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Pretty Faces Lyrics

Melodic – Pretty Faces Lyrics

You came here thinking I'd mend those pieces,
Of your broken heart,
And purify your spirit
Use my tears as the glue,
And my kiss to make it stick,
But I'm afraid this time,
I'll only disappoint you

Cuz I struck out,
I've had my chance at love
Then I fucked up,
And loneliness became me
Now I could try again,
Try a little bit harder,
And make broken promises,
But It's hard to commit to this

It's so hard to stay faithful,
With all those pretty faces,
All those pretty faces,
Screamin my name
It's so hard to stay faithful,
With all those Pretty Faces,
All those Pretty Faces,
Screamin my name,
They keep calling for me

I know you came here with pure intentions
You wanted a man to keep you protected
But baby that can't be me,
At least not this time
I'm sorry to disappoint,
And it's hard to say why

When you didn't know me (But back then),
We was just homies (Just friends),
But we played in the sheets when,
Her and I were freakin,
And I don't wanna hurt you the way I hurt her,
It's so hard to explain,
But listen anyway

I wanna tell you cut it out
Stop living in your fantasy
But no one can blame you girl,
Anyone in your shoes might fall for me
This time will God show us favor,
(I hope so, I hope so),
Or will I let temptation run free (Free)
It's so hard (It's so hard),
It's so hard (It's so hard),
It's so hard,
So hard,
For me
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