Bounce x 2
All the bitches, Just pull your motha' fuckin' shirt down
I just wanna' see some titties, Ya know what I'm sayin
Left Brain, on the beat
Shout out to my nigga Juicy cuh')
[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
We been buzzin', been buzzin' (ugh)
Niggas claim they OG (Wolf Gang! )
We still young and still humble (ugh)
Don't make me go back to the old me
I hold heat, breed cold feet, niggas deceased (brrooop)
I figured that treat, trickin' like a religion
Livin' without a wisdom, eternal forbidden in prison unforgiven (If I fuckin' say, that I live it)
I'm ridin' on the motha' fuckin' pavement
Bout' to get sued, I ain't worried about a fucking payment
I'm layin' flow like concrete, writing on a segment
I ain't in high school no more, nigga stuck in pretense
Fuck english, check my french Yo Hбblame gato
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Wasabi Lyrics

MellowHype – Wasabi Lyrics

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