[ verse 1 ]

You better run and hide when you hear my growl

Cause I'm a hip hop creature, and I'm on the prowl

While I'm talkin I'm stalkin, and rappers are my prey

I creep at night and I sleep all day

I despise the sunrise, swoon the moonrise

Then like a beast I increase in size

But your cries ain't nothin to me, cause I don't pity you

And my mission is to cold get rid of you

Bitin mc's, I'm fightin mc's

Bring em to their knees, plus: " Drive on, please

Spare my life!" but you're a sacrifice

I write the rhymes from the blood drippin off my mic

It ain't Jason, it ain't Poltergeist

Even though the rhymes are fly, it ain't Vincent Price

It's just the first part of the double feature

So you better run, boy, cause I'm the Hip Hop Creature

[ verse 2 ]

I make Jeckyll & Hyde seem like Hansel & Gretel

Tom & Jerry, or Albert and Costello

But yo, this ain't slapstick, it's like a horrorflick

And I'm a gool, and I'm here to school

Mediocre rappers with a style that's scary

And eerie, which makes you leary

You not even wanna look in my direction

And grab a cross, and think that's your protection

But yo, this ain't Dracula, that's too regular

I'm much more frightening, especially when lighning

Strikes, and it's 12 midnight

You're in for the scare of your life

Cause it's a frightnight-mare

There's no way you can run, cause I'll reach ya

And furthermore I fight you and I beat ya

And here's the second part of the feature

You better run, homebody, cause I'm the Hip Hop Creature

[ verse 3 ]

I'm the Hip Hop Creature, here to do my job

Scare the suckers, cause my monologue is Mccobb

That's why mc's see me and try to get chummy

I rap so close around em and they end up like a mummy

Dummy, you gets nothin from me

Except the creeps, so I suggest you keep

A safe distance between you and I

Stay back, like Brooklyn: do or die

Cause I'm 'bout to knock you out like Tyson on a roll

Hit you with a beat, I rhyme outta control

A non-stop attack landin on your brain

You're lookin kinda wobbly, do you know your name?

Now the match is over, I put you in your place

Forget Al Pacino, I'm the Rap Scarface

I got directors flockin to have me in their feature

Coming soon to your town: The Hip Hop Creature
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Hip Hop Creature Lyrics

Mellow Man Ace – Hip Hop Creature Lyrics

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