An oridnary girl,
In a boring world,
Is that what you're looking for?
A girl who follows trends,
Dresses like her friends,
Who'd do anything to fit in,
So you measure me, cause you need to be sure I look good on your arm,
I'm not a doll, not packaged at all,
What are you looking for?


I was trying to be myself,
All you want it someone else,
An unoriginal girl,
What you get is what you see,
All you're gonna get from me,
Is an original girl,

I'm a quirky girl in a offbeat world,
I'm up close and personal,
I do the weirdest things,
I'm not too shy to sing,
So la la la la la la,
Got my own idea's,
Unique smile,
My own things that give me style,
No warranty, can you handle that?
Cause you know you can't take me back,


I think you watch too much tv,
Cause you got not no idea what a girl's supposed to be,
And I'm gonna be myself,

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Original Girl Lyrics

Melissa O'neil – Original Girl Lyrics

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