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Easy Lyrics

Melissa Ferrick – Easy Lyrics


There’s no way to do this without it hurting
There’s no way to let you down slow
And there is nothing that I would rather do
Than pretend that I am still in love with you
But through all of this you have been extraordinary
The way you have taken me for who I am
The way you have forgiven all my indiscretions
And for that I owe you all the heart I have

After all this starting over
I’m still dreaming of another
Wondering if there is something better
Hey, are you out there for me
For me
For me
I’m looking for a love that's easy
Looking for a love that's easy

So I guess I gotta pull back now and focus in
'Cause somewhere in all this is a detail I have missed
I've gotta concentrate and listen, listen, listen for the buzz inside
My heart is standing up here
Singing out my secrets
It's what keeps me live
Stranger's hands on my back
Yeah, it splits me from the inside
All the feelings that I have

I said it's easy for me
For me
For me

Sorry to say
But the making love is easy
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

So I guess you gotta go now, go on, move along
'Cause in the end we both will be better off for this
'Cause ten years doesn't seem so long when you're the
Younger one
The younger one
Yen years, it don't seem so long

Easy for me
For me
For me
Lookin' for a love that's easy
For a love that's easy
Lookin' for a love that's easy
Lookin' for a love that's easy
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