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Don't Say Goodbye Lyrics

Melissa Ferrick – Don't Say Goodbye Lyrics

Well I'm trying to put it all
It all back into place
The way things were before
Before I started the race
Oh the way I used to look
And the way I used to laugh
And the way I used to carry myself
Weightless on my back
Oh but you just want the middle ground
The easy walk we took
And you would never think
To take a second look
Oh so backwards and vertical
The way I used to talk
Yeah you liked that there was a mystery
And you like that I faked a rock
Oh and you liked that you didn't need me
And you liked that I liked to steal
But now I'm on my way
I'm on my way to real
And I'm putting it back together
Like a busted plastic plane
I need a lot of glue and I've got a lot of pain
And I'm sorry if that scares you
Sorry that you're stuck
And I'm sorry that I lied to you
When I said that I would never give you up

Don't say goodbye yeah just say goodbye
Don't say goodbye yeah just say goodbye
Say it just say goodbye...

Oh and so it's fear that keeps you
Well it keeps you all locked in
You see no way out and I see no way in
Well you are the mouth
The mouth on my chin
You are my disease
You are my sin
And you scream don't leave me here alone
Don't leave me here to lose
I've got a big voice
And I'll do anything for you
Just give me one more chance
Give me one more try
I promise I won't kill you
And I promise I won't lie

Well yes I hear you calling
Through your booming dark braid
Yes I hear you calling
And you're asking me to stay
But I have heard you before
Before I soothed your rash
Before I stopped the itch
And I'll never, ever, ever take you back

Don't say goodbye yeah, just say goodbye
Don't say goodbye, yeah, just say goodbye...
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