[Music: Ashmedi & Alhazred / Lyrics: Proscriptor]

At the First gate... Ishtar is stripped
Of the jeweled crown... Sitting on her had
At the third gate... Ishtar is robbed
Of the beads and gems... Surrounding her neck

Seven rituals Seven rites
Crushing Seven phases Seven nights
She waits for Ea She waits for release
She waits for ructions She waits for the tease

The dead shall arise and outnumber the living
Realm of Kurnugi will never be denied

Seven hexes Seven Philters
Charming Seven curses Seven nights
For the crimson water for the water of time
For the sacrament for the proper rites

Remember ceremonial forms for her sister?
Recall the spiteful guardian from the gates of ganzir?

[Lead: Ashmedi]

At the fifth gate... Ishtar is husked
Of the grinding stones... Supporting heir waist
At the seventh gate... Ishtar is raped
Of the last garment... Covering her body

Descent of Inanna
The underworld's complete
Ancient ones smashing bolts
Reviving the gates
The dead shall arise
And outnumber the living
Realm of Kurnugi
Will never be denied

An eye opens wide as Sultana arrives
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Kurnugi's Reign Lyrics

Melechesh – Kurnugi's Reign Lyrics