I visit my dreams
In the mournin' of night
And wake to half wishes
And the fall of the flight
I won't hide my hopes
In my down pillow
They'll become my river
And up them I'll flow
Right in broad daylight
In front of your eyes
My wishes are flowin'
But I'm their disguise

Over and over, think it slow
All things that grow
Need not be pretty
And don't have to show
We could be
Think it slow

Cause you got a secret for me
That I know
Not how to hang on to
Or how to let go
Can you keep me from drowning
In my down pillow
Oh! Please, I need help
Cause my deep down is low

(repeat refrain once & last verse once)
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Deep Down Low Lyrics

Melanie – Deep Down Low Lyrics

Songwriters: MELANIE SAFKA
Deep Down Low lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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