Boy: You can call me Mario.
Girl: You can call me Peach.
Boy: I'm sorry I keep letting Bowser take you out my reach.
Girl: That's alright.
Boy Is it really okay?
Girl: I know I won't be waiting long until you defeat the Koopa fleet.
Boy: You're my Marceline.
Girl: You're my Marshall Lee.
Boy: All I want to do is Float around with you fro eternity. A rose is red.
Girl: A violet's blue. You take the suck right out my life there's nothing
Sweeter in the land of Ooo.
Boy: You can be my princess if I can be your prince, no matter what world
We're in. I'll find my way to you again.
Girl: I can be your princess if you can be my prince, no matter what time
It is. I'll find my way to you again.
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Nerdy Love Song Lyrics

Meghan Camerena And Jimmy Wong – Nerdy Love Song Lyrics

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