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The One You Need Lyrics

Megan Rochell – The One You Need Lyrics

(feat. Fabolous)

Three years is a long time
You know there ain't really nobody out there
That could do it like me
You know your girl
She's temporary

I can't handle this
I'm tired of hearin you talk about this chick
How could she be actin so high sedity
Tell her check herself cause I'm hotter that she
Ever will be on things she can be
And I knew you before she came through
And I'm still cool, you know how I do
To tell the truth you know I feel you
You know that I'll ride with you

No, she can't do
Half the things that I do
She can't do
What I would do for you

I can be the one you need
I can be the one you need
I can be the one you need
I can be the one you need

[Verse 2:]
See the time is now
For you to realize what's goin down
Why put up with this when you know I would be
More than happy to be with you for me to be
Whatever it is I promise I'll be
Whatever pleases you I'll do it times 2
Takin her spot cause she has no clue
Clownin her cause she was a fool
You gotta know why I'm the truth
Tell me
Why settle for good
You could live lavish
She fool around stressing you out
What's next?
Skip all the dramatics
No ghetto fab just break it down easy
Simple as this
I'm the one you know you need to be with
I see it in your eyes
Stop lookin foolish
No one could love you with all of this
And I'll prove it



And oh
No more holding on
I gotta have all or nothing
Tell her shop is closed so pack up and hit the door
I don't care and I know it don't seem fair
So then later she will find out
You have always been my man
And no one she can never

Girl quit playin, come on and climb in
Whateva he do I do it times ten
Whateva's on me I flood with diamonds
Whateva I say they do like Simon
That 151 Bacardi Limon
We start kicking in with perfect timing
You see what I'm in
You hear the rhymin'
But guess who it is though
L to the Iz-O
S to the Iz-O
You put biz flow
With enrizo
Sound like a glizo
That's what it should be
I'm what they would be
Only if they could be
I'm in the good be
Sittin' on black boys
With the click clack toys
Just for the jack boys
Shorty got some audacity
I'm into legs more than a thigh master be, sheaa!




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