I got this fever
Running through my veins
Keep on trying
But I just can't shake it
All this medicine
That I keep taking
It aint working
I keep hurting
It's something more
What if there's no cure
Pick me up and
Take me back to my bed
Put a cold towel on my head
U said try
Some of this instead
Then u tell me
That it's working
But I'm not sure
What if there's no cure
I've been blind
Since u left
I can see no way out
I've been deaf
Since u left
To any word of hope now
And the scary thing is
It aint getting any better
What if there's no cure
I light a candle and
I say a prayer
I might need
A miracle right here
Cause I'm fading and
I feel so scared
I'm disappearing
I used to feel u so much more
What if there's no cure
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No Cure Lyrics

Megan Hilty – No Cure Lyrics