[It’s not real
None of it’s real
There is no monster
There’s only me…
There’s only me…]

I take these burdens, put them in a pile
I let them roast, burn for a while
Then let the flames die out slowly
And I forget about their pleas

Sad thing is they turn up again
Ready to bash my face in
Uncomfortable? Embarrassed yet?
How much bigger will I let the monster get?

Before it’s taken me over completely
Why can’t it just let me be?
Tell me, how much longer do I have,
Until I’m no longer me?

You are gonna give up, you are gonna give in
You life is a ticking bomb that’s ready to begin
It’s countdown back down to zero
Cuz you’ve climbed up a bit but you can’t be the hero

I’ll pull you down, bring you down, tear you down,
Chew at your ankles and take out your knees now
Try to go against me cuz there’s no one that can save you
I’ve got you behind bars and have made them see through

See what you do to everyone around you?
They don’t want you, so do what you do
Go sit in your corner, go write a book
On how your heart bleeds because nobody looks

I am my own critic I’ve realized
Cruelness now makes up my mind
It lives with me inside my brain
Telling me to try again

I feel its push, I feel its pull
My condition is critical
I’m loosing grip, I’m loosing face
Everyone turns to look my way

Am I Jekyll or Hyde at this point now?
Will they see it if I turn around?
Adrenaline from fear, I feel its zap—
The monster has me in its grasp

Help me, Help me, help me please
The monster is destroying me

Oopsie, dear, it seems like you’ve been mislead
Have you been listening to anything that I’ve said?
I’m not trying to destroy you,
I’m just trying to chaaange you

Empty you out until you’re a shell
Till I can fill in where you fell
You are the thing in my way
So just give up, make way.

[No, no…. (scream)]

I feel it, the monster in my head
It pushes it pulls it tears me apart
I see myself broken on the ground
My faint heartbeat the only sound

I can feel the changes inside me
Nothing is as it’s supposed to be
Something else is controlling me
If only I could see—

You were lost I found you
And now you’re in pieces
I can build my empire inside
Buckle up it’s gonna be a wild ride

It’s my brain my heart, why can’t I control
The only things that are functional?

Watch—I’ll create a temple
I’ll be the living example
Everyone will bow down to me
Doesn’t that sound pleasing?

They will sacrifice, they will die
For me for us for you—me oh my!
Isn’t that appealing, isn’t that delicious?
And you always thought I was malicious.

My plans include you
I tell the truth.


You can never fall if you listen at all


Everyone who worships me,
Everyone who worships you


This is what everyone wants to do
People would kill for what I can give you
Let me prove I speak truths


I am you


That you listen to, nonetheless
Stop thinking, stop creating a mess
Just agree agree with me


Just agree with me.

Yes, finally—finally, I can see
This world is for the taking
It’s time to build my temple
Power grows and I do too
The world moving with me
I destroy everything in my path
I set bars no one can pass
Everyone’s torn down and I am on top
I am the one that tells them when to stop
I’ll rise to glory and this world will love me
I started as a thought and now I’ve taken over, see?
I’m powerful
Unpenetrateable, irreversible—
No one can stop me, not even the Eternal!

I heard something the other day that caught me off-guard
“You control your thoughts”, it said, “And most of the time It’s
But never give up on your beliefs—
You’ll still be a tree if you lose all your leaves.”]

What are these words floating by my ears?
They're trying to reach my innermost fears? Hah.
I can take care of myself, I’ll never be scared

Except against the One who created breathable air

Nothing scares me.
Nothing can beat me.
I’m perfect—I have no flaws.
We’ll see who has the sharper claws.

I’ll still be a tree if I lose all my leaves.

Those words have no meaning

It’s rooted down, it stands strong,
But I have not—this is wrong!

I made you strong—

This is wrong—

You were weak—

Let me speak!
You pushed me until I fell
And when I fell, your power swelled.
I gave in, crumbled right there.
But you know something’s missing, something isn’t there.
You say you live for me—us—you
But it’s the world you’re listening to.

And did I not hand you it?
Are you not satisfied yet?

I live for us—I love us—
More than anything among us.
I lied for us, stole for us, cheated for us,
And this is your payment to us?

Stop saying us. There is no us.
There’s me and you—and you’re fictitious.

I control your life, I’m more than a thought
You can’t leave me to sit and rot

You have a heart and I have the brain
You can’t just leave me out in the rain
It’s against everything you stand for and—

YOU’RE against everything I stand for!
You know what I’ve realized?
It might not be such a surprise
It’s that I’m like Jekyll, you’re like Hyde,
Except I won’t be the one that dies.

Well maybe you should
Imagine a world without you, it would—


You know I will never stop.

Not unless I get rid of you.

I’ll always come back to push you
You can’t get rid of me, I’m like a whisper
Constantly being the little monster
I’ll be in your head, always.

Not anymore. Not ever again.
Be gone. I never want you to trip me again.

Still here, dear
I’ll never disappear

Then hit me with your best shot.
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The Monster, The Struggle, The Winner Lyrics

Mechanical Heartbeat – The Monster, The Struggle, The Winner Lyrics

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