Is Й Mo Choн Gan Mise Maidin Aerach
Amuigh I Mbйarra Im' Sheasamh Ar An Dtrб
Is Guth Na N-Йan 'o'm Tharraing Tha Na Slйibhte Cois Na Farraige
Go CйI'm An Aitinn Mar Ambнonn Mo Ghrб
Is Obann Aoibhinn Aiteasach Do Lйimfhinn
Do Rithfhinn Saor У Anabhroid An Tlбis
Do Thabharfainn Droim Le Scamallaibh An Tsaoil Seo
Dб Bhfaighinn Mo Lйirdhothain D'amharc Ar Mo
Chaoimshearc Bбn

Is Й Mo Dhнth Bheith Ceangailte Go Faonlag
Is Neart Mo Chlйibh Dб Thachtadh 'nseo Sa Tsrбid
An Fhad Tб RйI'm Na Habhann Agus Gaoth Ghlan Na Farraige
Ag Glaoch Is Gairm Ar An Gcroн Seo I M'lбare
Is Milis Brнomhar Leathanbhog An T-Aer Ann
Is Gile Уn Ngrйin Go Farsing Ar An Mbбn
Is Ochуn, A Rнbhean Bhanъil Na Gcraobhfholt
Gan Sinne Araon I Measc An Aitinn Mar Do Bhнmis Trбth

English Translation:
I regret that on this airy morning
I am not out in Bйarra sitting on the beach
With the voices of birds drawing me over the mountains beside the sea
To the Pass of the Furze where my love is
I would caper about happily, pleasantly
I would run free from doubts and fears
I turn my back on the clouds of this life

If I could ever get my fill of looking at my fair sweetheart

It is my sadness to be bound here in weakness
The power of my spirit suffocated here in the streets
While the rivers flow and the pure sea wind
Calls and summons the heart within me
The air there is sweet and vigorous and soft
And bright is the sun that shines on the grasslands
But alas, oh gentle queen of the curly hair
That we are not together amidst the furze as once we were
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Morning In Bearra Lyrics

Meav Ni Mhaolchatha – Morning In Bearra Lyrics