Six straight rolls in a blind man's game
Half a dozen snake eyes all the time
Roll those hollow dice
Holler to an echo
Another time
To the other side

Got lost on the water
Wound up on the sand
Gaze out through the darkness
With the light in the palm of your hand
Another time
I got to say this has nothing to do with the other side
To the other side

I'll bet they wish they were 'round the corner on some crazy ride
Every time the walls tumble down

Works about as well as water in your hand
Build up new ones on the changing ground
The other side
The new ones are always the tallest ones around

Another time
The light in the palm of your hand
You lay out in the water
Goes moving through the water
To the other side
Another time
Like the motion of a far off land

Some wins and losses
They hear what they like
Rubbin' toes and burnin' trail
Headin' down the pike
To the other side
Another time
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Not Swimming Ground Lyrics

Meat Puppets – Not Swimming Ground Lyrics

Songwriters: C. KIRKWOOD
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