I went by your house last nightyour mother said that you left
Had a fight, and didn't know where you went
I thought I knew followed your footprints in the snow
To the corner where you go those boys down there
Wont do you any good
You're getting to the point you gotta make a choice
Stay here and die or runaway with me
Don't be fooled by false security so swaddled up in your routine
That you forget these streets have claws and teeth

Little mariethe way you're living your lifes
Killing mei tried to make you see
Don't look at me that way I see it in your face
You gotta leave this place little marie

Cheap booze and broken dialogue
Is that your answeror your cause
A tragic case of 'just forget it'
Just shoot it upif you can get it

Don't look at me that waylook at me
Don't look at me that way
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Lil' Marie Lyrics

Measured In Grey – Lil' Marie Lyrics