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Crummy Crummy Lyrics

Mean Jeans – Crummy Crummy Lyrics

I got off the couch and I looked outside
It was a pretty shitty vision and I almost cried
All the shit heads and posers
You know nothing's changed at all
I wanna write a song but I'm missing a string
I wanna write a book but I don't know anything at all
We got in the van and we went way out
Figured shit couldn't get any worse anyhow
But it turned out to be more baloney
I lost my poor meatball, I lost my best friend
I lost my mind a thousand times over again
Could it really happen to me?
You got a crummy crummy life now
And it's a crummy crummy world
And everything will go wrong
But if we party on, we're gonna have a ball
The clowns on my couch are bringing me down
Can't kill myself with everyone hangin' around
I guess that's ok, I'd miss you too much anyway
You know I don't wanna miss it if it ever gets rad
Sometimes I like 2 sit + drink
Just 2 think + be sad
What can I say?
There's a butthole in my brain
Yeah, a butthole in my brain
There's something wrong with everything
My head's a ball and chain
I walked by the house where we used to live
You know I thought a million things + took a piss on it
What can I say?
Crummy crummy life now
And it's a crummy crummy world
Everything will go wrong
And then we'll party on

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