You're so patient with me
I can be so frustrating
You're a saint
For sticking around
As long as you have

Well I'm lost
With directions
In a constant
State of confusion
And I'm full
Of imperfections
And I
Just can't do math

Why when everything
Is going so well
Do I automatically
Assume the worst
Put you and me
Together doesn't it
Problematically work
Oh, but please don't ask
It's as simple as that
Oh, I just can't do math

Well, you never give up
Even when I'm stuck
You can bet you're in luck
That our differences
Make us laugh
But I need your help
With this one
Cause sometimes
I feel so dumb
When I
Can't reach the sum
So can you please
Help me do this math


Oh, and try as I might
It just never comes out right
Oh, baby, won't you please
Just do this math
Won't you please help me baby
Oh, won't you please just do
This math
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I Can't Do Math Lyrics

Meaghan Smith – I Can't Do Math Lyrics