Im , Im doing so fine
Im spending my time
Thinking about you and me baby,
high together we fly
In love you and I
Noone can deny what they see baby

I never felt this way
You're with me night and day
Just trust me when I say
I'll never go away

Like the sweetest melody
Like a beautiful harmony
Like the biggest symphony
That's what you are to me
Like a dream for eternity
Like a beautiful history
Like a meeting with destiny
That's what you are to me

Free, Im finally free
You gave me the key
And opened the door to my heart
can't you see, that it's meant to be
You're my destiny
And well never part cause this love is true

I never felt this way
For us I'll always pray
Your kisses make my day
You know I'll always stay
In love this way

Reach out and I will be there
I will never leave your heart I swear
And if the world isn't fair
I'll be by your side I'll always care
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The Sweetest Melody Lyrics

Me & My – The Sweetest Melody Lyrics