Nothing I can do, but total eclipse of the--
Ear, Loeb at a concert at Harbor Park,
Where the fireworks are not much to brag about
'Cause they're better downtown.
Clocks and sneakers on top of the yearbook.
Open up the pages, and take a look at
All the students--Norview hoo hoo--Pilots of 1996.
And that's what we call Freaky Friday.
Not a Wednesday 'cause Friday's a better day.
There's no relation to a Jodie Foster movie,
And really no purpose, just thought we write a song
About a Friday that's freaky.
I recommend... That you stop playing that song on the radio.
It's really run out, but Tommy still likes it,
And I would much rather listen to some cool oldies.
Or how about a Chilito with some sour cream...
Oh no... Chickapee.
It reminds of me of some hummus and some rude Israelis.
Lupita likes to do the Macarena,
But she can't.
Because she's got a stand stuck up her crotch.
This song really has no meaning
It's written by two people who experience
Really bad hair days,
Except for the occasional prom night.
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Freaky Friday Lyrics

Mcdowell Abby – Freaky Friday Lyrics

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