Ha danger
Its contrast mc vapour
U ready for the London raver
Ready for the danger
And contrast
Who wants to be a mini-millionaire
Whos gonna gonna vote for the London major
Its vapour the cuddly cuddly care bear
An I do a better job than Tony Blair
L-O-N-D-O-N's had a fair share of London every day wear an tear
Vapour and share
Funny old pair
When we're out all the public stare
Everyday life in year 2000
Mc Vapour lyrical accountant
Other MC's? Good point what about them
So many 'bout just can't count 'em
House of Lords, House of Commons
Went an had a look an it's full of old wrong'ns
Ever so boring in no way modern
I was guna join in but I thought na sod'em
Too that hating
Wanna see me legs amutated
Castrated, terminated
Cos u think I'm overrated
I stand out
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Lost In Vegas Lyrics

Mc Vapour – Lost In Vegas Lyrics