Here It Comes" by M. C. Serch
B-boys decoys will try to destroy deploy the truth in black hoods and
Black boots, caps get knocked only when they're fitted, lyrics get
Dropped only when they're lifted, so swingtime is one up the vo-chords
Run amuck, war's a factor, we'll perspire and someone in the crowd yells
Fire! Fire!, we don't need no water let it burn yo! We don't need not
Water let it burn! So it burnt! Learn your lesson well if I don't then I
Guess you get jelled, swell heads go down like the sun hon, and here it
Comes! So the troops are pulled out and the tolls are paid set and done,
Here it -comes! Hit it off! Kick it off! Set it off! Here it - comes!
And you'll thought I was coming back with some old R&B huh?
Fiddle-fee fiddle-fie fiddle-foe fiddle-fum, I smell the blood of an
English - muffin, huffin' and puffin', selling his soul, j-e-l-l-o, ya
Know? Roll with the squad that makes back flips stick, tisk tisk tisk ya
Should-a used wisk, now you shouldn't appeal to be a biff, insist that
Your mode is on scramble, remember the skips and enter the sample,
Knowledge provided by the years of true and blue, perched on the front stoop,
Checking for the base loop, so the troops are rolled out and the tolls
Are paid set and done, and hon, here it -comes
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Here It Comes Lyrics

Mc Serch – Here It Comes Lyrics

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