Brown eyed girl, she my brown eyed girl
The prettiest girl in the whole wide world
She makes me smile, she makes me laugh
She the kind of girl others kill to have
Ooh wow, damn, oh my
I would do anything to make her mine
So for the minute, gonna finnah go get it
She independent, wont let a brother hit it
So for the second, ima take her hand
Get on my knees and try to be her man
But stop, aint tryna go to far
Juz tryna say how beautiful you are
Cuz you are, unspoiled perfection
Beautiful eyes, and a smooth complection
Girl let me say that I love you so
You my brown eyed girl, and I wont let you go

[Verse 2:]
Brown eyed girl, she my brown eyed girl
She means everything in this whole wide world
She's perfection, that's no lie
From her hair to her eyes
Brown hair, brown eyes
Small tummy, round thighs
Hypnotizing every guy
I'm so glad she's in my life
Wanna kiss her cheeks, wanna kiss her lips,
Wanna kiss every part of her pretty face
Wanna hold her hand, wanna hold her hips
Wanna hold her up to end of my days
Ooh, aah, what a sight
Wont ever give her up without a sight
And until we're gray and old
She my brown eyed girl and she stayin gold
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Brown Eyed Girl Lyrics

MC Ryoku – Brown Eyed Girl Lyrics

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