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Good... morning I... mean good evening Ladies

& Gentlemen; I, wanna tell you about An

experience I had this morning at San Francisco You:

know I'm, staying at the hotel downtown and eh I

had two hours two, hours 'til, I was rendez-vouing with my eh, My

beautiful girlfriend's beautiful girlfriend So

I took a little walk outside the hotel I, walked up a street With

a name that's pretty familar to a lot of people but, not to me But

it had an old name and there was a marquee It

kinda looked like a movie marquee Or

maybe the the type of thing posted outside of a motel Or

maybe even casino But

it wasn't any of those things It

was some kind of sign that belonged to an old gas station tire shop And

it was closed 'cause it was a Sunday And

it said ": Americans; are slow to hostility" -; Winstonchurchill And

I thought isn't that something A

big marquee with the Winston Churchill quote in the middle of San Francisco And

then I went to Walgreens to find my tom's of maine ginger-mint Fluoride-Full

toothpaste but, all they had was fluoride-Free And

there was a women at, the counter with, a parrot on, her shoulder And

she said ": Yeah; yeah my, parrot is 44 years old "...And;

the people behind the counter at Walgreen's And

next to the register chatted, her up and they said ":

Ohh; we, really like the way the red feathers are so deeply red "!And;

I was like " Man; 44, Now. that's old for a parrot Kinda! old for a person "!And;

the lady said ", Yeah; these, types of parrots live to be into their 60's ".And;

I was like " Good; for you ",when; I noticed a streaaam of parrot s titCrawling

down the back of the owner's t-shirt And

I thought to myself ": Either; no one noticed the parrot s titon her back Or

more likely she, doesn't mind parrot s titon her back "...And;

I was like ": Lady; don't brush against me "!"

In; fact go, home don't, buy anything at Walgreen's Change

your shirt potty, train your parrot or, don't go in public "!And;

then I remember how Americans are slow to hostility And

I thought ": Well; maybe in a crazy town like this You

pay for the happy-Winston-Churchill-quote with the nasty parrot s tit".Pfff;
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A Somewhat New Medium Lyrics

MC Paul Barman – A Somewhat New Medium Lyrics