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Trippin Lyrics

Mc Magic – Trippin Lyrics

{*Mc Magic scratching*}

[Chorus: C. Note]
You got me trippin', baby
You drive a player crazy
I'll do whatever, lady
Just let me ride with you tonight
You got me trippin', baby
You drive a player crazy
I'll do whatever, lady
Just let me ride with you tonight

[Verse 1: Don Cisco]
Baby girl
What you trippin' on
I see you sippin' on the Margarita
Fine little mamacita
I'm really tryin' to meet ya
You see in the club, with my thugs in sneakers
You wanna know how we got in with throwbacks and wife beaters
Ay chulita
Don't even trip
Your body is bangin' like them Bloods and Crips
And I came from Long Beach
All the way to Pheonix
To ride with Magic on them [?]
Like 40 say on that Mustard and Mayonnaise
Baby, I'm a hustler, only trippin' on pay days
You got me trippin', tryin' to make you my lady
Tell me what you sippin'
I got you, baby
Hard rock body with ya hard knock life
Got a real hard brother, tryin' to be real polite
And better yet, I'm tryin' to be nice
And if I give it to you once, you gon' beg for it twice

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: mc Magic]
I'm in that black stretch Navi
Mobbin' to the club
Another show date, nb Ridaz gettin' love
You in that black dress, causin' a commotion
I must be trippin' in slow
It's like The Matrix, incredible
A pretty girl with a body unforgettable
Mamacita from the valley
She got me knowin' that I'm Goin' Back To Cali
I got a proposition
Cause girl, you got me trippin'
Let's make a crazy video like you was Paris Hilton
And after that, we could do anythang
Pop the champagne
And take a private plane
We out in Vegas
Doin' big thangs
I'm down for whatever, girl, tell me your name
Cause I just wanna get to know you better
Talk a little bit and take a shower together

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Jay Tee]
Now this right here
Is a dedication
To baby last night
Congradulations (Congradulations)
I usually wake up real disgusted
But you ain't like most 'em other broads I brusted
Most the time
When a player shove it
I like that ass a lot, but I never love it
See, I'm a tap that, keep it fly
And I thought I be a player til the day I die
But somehow, you got up in my dome
And beg Jay Tee
To take you home
Once we got there, all was good
You put it on a pimp like I didn't think you could
You super thick and extra pretty
The kind of chick you usually find out in Magic City
Her eyes are green, and skin is brown
A little bad mamacita that kick me down

Repeat Chorus
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