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The Omg Skit Lyrics

MC Frontalot – The Omg Skit Lyrics

"Oh my god..." (coughs)
"You alright?"
"Oh my god! Are you MC Frontalot?"
"Wait a minute, wait wait... aren't *you* MC Frontalot?"
"Wow... It's almost as if I have no friends to record with
Yet persist in creating a dialog hoping that stereo
Separation, uh, will mask my inadequacies. "
"Yeah, almost, it's almost like that. Say, aren't you the
Rapper who was described by Spin magazine as the thinnest
And most egalitarian of the Nerdcore crop? "
"No. No, Spin magazine has never mentioned me in any
Capacity. But, wait, aren't *you* the rapper voted most
Likely to succeed by the Los Alamos Shopper Weekly in
Their 2003 round-up issue? "
"Uh, I think actually that you have me confused with...
Another rapper, uh, or possibly the same rapper, but in
An alternate universe. But, this reminds me, aren't
*You*, in fact, the only rapper, *the only* rapper, who
Has ever traveled through time to defeat cannibal
Leprechauns using only your common sense and eight
Dollars worth of twine? "
"Hardly, because, as you surely know, Gift of Gab has
Done that very thing and wrote about it in his memoirs. "
"I did know that actually."
"Well, I *knew* that you knew that."
"Well, of course you did, or do."
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