[C-Luv] Ey yo Seungho!
[Seungho] Yeah!
[C-Luv] Gimme some Beatbox in right here!
[Seungho] I'm ready! ([C-Luv] Get down to this! )

*Seungho Beatbox* ([Seungho] So hot~)

Yeah~ get ready for this moment! ([Seungho] So hot~)
Guess who's back (Oh~Yeah~)
Yo~ Ya'know what the name is?

It's time to put it down like 6 in da morning
I'm briding gap like a singer, rapper's ballin'
Can't wait to show them from your callin'
This is 4 ya Stereo~

Everybody knows when they bring it up G.O
Cheongdong & Mir Let's go Joon & Seungho Take flow~
All my Ladies & Fellas ya'know, This is 4 ya Stereo~

On the mission~ Let me make ya this feelin'
With my potion~ Can control ya ass thrillin' woah~ oh oh oh yeah~

Yes we're back! Can't hold back
What you're gon' do when we're back
This is M BLAQ! M BLAQ! ([Seungho] Ya'know what the name is?)

Yes we're back! Can't hold back
This's the callin' for Hot Track~
5 as 1, we're the Hottest ones
[Seungho] Ya'know who the Best is?

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4 Ya Stereo Lyrics

Mblaq – 4 Ya Stereo Lyrics