Maya- Honey

"Honey give me some money."
"Honey oh yeah, oh yeah".
"Honey give me some money."
"Honey oh yeah, oh yeah."

"You walked in side the house with a girl
Last night. You called me on your cell phone
And told me you'd be late." I stayed up all
Night waiting for you to come home. When you
Came home, it was 3 o'clock in the mornin.
How could you do this to me. How?
All I really wondered was how you told me
You were my Honey.(And I believed you)

"Why did you have to do this me. I thought you
We're my Honey." Yes I did.
See if you weren't a cheater you wouldn't have
That girl you brought home leave.
You made me so mad, I wanted to hurt you.
I thought that you and I we're the best together.
But I guess not.Right?

Honey give me some money?
Honey give me ohhhhhhh
Honey give me some money
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Honey Lyrics

Maya – Honey Lyrics