Hey world do you know who i am?
I’m the bad boy greedy and crazy
No one can control me!
It’s my life and I was free!

I’m alone but I can do anything
Eat everything and take it all be mine
I was the shredder,
Shut up!! And watch me Now!!

My name is Jozu and I have everything in this world
No one could stop me and no one can control me
Just stand here, watching me and I will make you understand
One reason for me and I stop all this if I was going to die!!

One thing I realized
I’m hungry and become wild
I’ll look for what I want
So please be quiet and watch this!!

I felt something inside
Like a bullet stuck in my head
But I think I don’t care
I don’t care if I die!


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Jozu Lyrics

Maxwel – Jozu Lyrics

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