When time passes you by
It’s easy to stay behind
And watch as it kills the fire in your eyes
I know it’s tough for a dreamer
To watch the lights flicker
And all your hopes wither down into ash

You’re almost giving up
You’re almost giving in
Before the fire dies
I see you stand again

This is a fateful day
You’re fanning back the flames into your life
This is a fateful night
You’re holding ever so tight
The fire’s rekindled back into life

I think this is momentous
‘Cause I was a witness
Of your rise from the ashes and this time
You’re up stronger than ever
You’ve never burned brighter
Than you’re doing tonight


This fire… Will never die…
Rekindled… Tonight (2x)
This fire will keep on burning
Never die until the morning
Rekindled back to life
Tonight (2x)
You’ve almost given up
You’ve almost given in
Before the fire dies
I see you stand again

(This is a fateful day)

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Rekindled Lyrics

Maxine Tiongson – Rekindled Lyrics

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