(M--Mitchell; L--Dubois)
Hot sun and tan / yeah, don'tcha just scream
Boy, what sand / sand sand sand / say cheese
Paddle boats / surf ladies in shorts / up and down the coast we coast
Yeah, we cry / research at beach resorts
Line up crowds at the pavilion / Max is playing "Vacations"
We're in newport for research / to get abreast of thing /
To get get a breast of things / take your tourist toys to the concert
We've just researched wasaga beach / bonfire pits at midnight
Hangover rhymes at sunrise six
What is it that we stare at? / is it the passports and campsite stars?
Or the monogrammed bikinis and cars?
Or maybe we just need some perspiration 'cause we're frostbitten Canadian boys
Put on your sunglasses / get in on the parade
We're gonna cruise the beach / we just might get crazed / c'mon research go
Line up crowds on weekends / Max is playing "Vacations"
End of file
Dave Watson, Severed Heads Liberation Front (Re-release the _Stretcher_ ep!)
Swetier Balzoff (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada Email--aj153@Freenet. Carleton. Ca
"A man is measured by the depth of his anger"--Eddie
"You will be dead, killed by your mutinous, bastard socks."--are. B. Fairchild
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Research (At Beach Resorts) Lyrics

Max Webster – Research (At Beach Resorts) Lyrics