Got to get started, start at the back of the line
Another beginning and I'm not wasting my time
Gonna risk it all gotta realize
Standing tall never compromise
I see it all never close my eyes
Fight to the end for my final prize

Dust and Blood I was born to win
Dust and Bood I will never give in
Dust and Blood, Dust and Blood
Covered in Dust and Blood

Gonna leave a mark, a mark they will never erase
It's a grand design but make no mistake
Just like Rome wasn't built in a day
My master plan won't be delayed
Take a risk leave it all behind
My heart is pure I'm winning this time

With a checkered flag that's how I'm gonna leave
Gonna win the day and you will hail my victory
I did it all they can't deny
They will tell my story with no surprise
I will rise above and never die
You can kiss my ass as I say goodbye
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Dust N' Blood Lyrics

Max Resist – Dust N' Blood Lyrics