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Hollow Words Lyrics

Max Levine Ensemble – Hollow Words Lyrics

Your words are like an anesthetic.
I try to listen but I just get fed up,
It's just like putting people to sleep,
Cuz what's nice on the surface ain't so nice underneath.

At the state of the union we agree to applaud,
It gets pretty easy just to smile and nod
And what's fraud and what's not all gets lost
In the roar of the empty applause.

I know you're talking but I think I've heard and
Oh, I'm tired of hollow words.

Pop music is like Novacaine
Prescribed for a world where you feel no pain
A world of pinks and purples and blues
Where what's real and what's not get confused

I had role models who never followed through.
If you can't count on them
Well then what do you do?
And I just don't know who I can trust anymore.

It's something false that you pretend is true and
It's not a matter of the misconstrued.
You think you're on top and I've heard it before
And I don't wanna be reassured.

You're not the first and you're not the third
And I'm just tired of hollow words.
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