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You Won't Go Far Lyrics

Max B – You Won't Go Far Lyrics

You already know, Boss Don. Al Peezly, Grease
Talk to you for a minute baby. Tell you what this bitch told me..

She tell me Biggaveli I'm not a ho, no!
And you can't do anything you wanna do to me
It won't go. No!
You niggas is mad that we holding we got ice, Oww

[Verse 1: Max B]
Baby my dope is a ten, and have a fiend on the lean
Fuck with niggas that all they do is just scheme for the CREAM
Know you see me in the beam, know its all mine
Wait for the body style, its an 09'-OH MY GOD
Look at Biggavel, 30 on the Breitling
Leaving Byrdgand was the right thing. Swerving in the right lane
Staying on my grind dog, Finally started taking my time yall
Drop top looking like nine-ball, yellow with the white stripe
Get a nigga wavy for the right price. Nigga what your life like?
Mines real. Yours is a movie script. Every nigga love a big booty bitch
Know I like em slim though, Riding in the benzo
Drunk off the grand cru, she high off the indo
Info, she would never give it to the D's. She's a coachy
Motherfucker you owe me, Oww


[Verse 2: Al Pac]


[Verse 3: Max B]
Baby I put you in the smash. Take to embarrass you, intimidating
Started bestfrineds, now we enemies
Get the Henny b, fill that cup up to the line, I'm a wino
Getting money always on the grind though. Mama grind slow
Cause I buck a lot, cause I fuck a lot
Bitches they like to suck a lot, Oww Oww
Baby you ain't never seen a nigga like bigga
Popping cases of Clicquot cause my niggas is getting richer
Got these bitches they do whatever I tell em
Nigga I'm a felon. Bullets up in your cerebellum
Niggas better tell em, You fucking with the wrong one, got a long gun
All you niggas is boring. Every week, nigga I be touring
Bumping all my new shit, sit it in her mouth like chew sticks
Love a loose chick, that'll fuck a nigga riding with the top down
Heard Jimmy working with the cops now, Oww
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