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Dem Boys Lyrics

Max B – Dem Boys Lyrics

I'm the nigga that can't stay low
I got coke in Costa Rica and San Pedro
Keep the blunt lit, fifth in the hidden compartment
Keep sluts livin'up in all my apartments
Your money getting long, don't lie to me
You niggas is trash rap
It's not the quantity, it's the quality
We 6 albums strong on this disc drive
She went through a hella lot
I'm getting soul wishing this bitch died
You see my life's like a movie
If I wasn't the fella not to license my toolie
Max in the mood for sushi
The boy hittin them Chinese
We stick together like siamese
Been tryna get rid of this devil that's inside me
Ya don't wanna live, B, they just wanna stress to come find me
The white man with the gun and vest behind me
He yella freeze and he screaming about firing
I'm retiring, gain green bosses
You looking for a job, we hiring
Why you lie to them? That's what you said man
Sorry for you cocksucker, you's a dead man

Them boys got tools, them boys got jewels
Got trucks with armor
Pussy climb on the boy, you really want me for?
Suck your mama
We them niggas that be up in the streets tolling the heat
Causing lots of drama
It's Biggaveli and gain green bitch
Nigga, you don't want no problems
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