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We're On Fire Lyrics

Mavado – We're On Fire Lyrics

[Foxy Brown]
No. 1 Baby
Blackhand, Movado
I gotta do this with my stylin' voice

[Verse 1: Foxy Brown]
See its the Louboutin' leather pump Don Diva
Get my Kevin Chiles on call me Don Diva
I'm In the Zac Posen, strapless with the back open
Back locin' tossing petals off of Black Roses
This is mo' gutta, this is more crack
And I ain't change, I been the same bitch before rap
The only thing that changed is my ass got more fat
But my titties been crazy baby
You ain't gotta ask who back, you soft bitch move back
Had BK on my back, even Shawn couldn't do that
I cruise all slow in the S-Class down Classen
Pullin' up in traffic on Nostrand and Patchin'
I took six years off, I let em have rap and
Y'all bitches played with it, I came to snatch it back then
Put it back on the project bench
And made every gangsta nigga want a dark-skinned bitch

[Chorus: Movado]
We're On Fire, we ain't stoppin'
Cause I really really wanna know what's happenin'
We're On Fire, we ain't stoppin'
Since a chick want a nigga and a clubbin'
We're On Fire, we ain't stoppin'
Cause I really really wanna know what's happenin'
Makin' paper, money stashin'
Since I really really wanna know what's happenin'

[Verse 2: Foxy Brown]
So wanna bloodclaut this man, bad gal bout here
Drips out the pussy them na friend gal bout here
Bitch now the body sting round here
Big star body, kill off every dirty gal roll near
Bitch bust a shot and fiya! two shots fiya! fiya!, put the pussy pon fiya!
Yes Iya, dress fliya, hoppin' out the Bentley coupe on Flat bush and Empire
Y'all rap bitches, I will ruin 'em
My reps for the boostin' bitches with them bags full of aluminum
One love to Tu and them
Clyde, Shyne, and Shoe and them
Chaz, Prince, and Grafh the whole fuckin' crew and them
Can't forget Scruce and them
Shabar and Dew and them
Kev, Wedge, Draft, and BIG I ate food with them
Y'all know Fox run the block bitches
It's the Fox bitches, for the bloodclaut bitches (murdah)

[Chorus: Movado]

[Verse 3: Movado]
We're makin' cheese, Slowly with ease
With small fuck these easily from the G'z
The goons from the land of kings
Her breasts me squeeze
All night, she make me pleased
You want promote the gangsta life and hustle
Now my girls approach you and know boy can't bust with
And now it's all fine and they all come sit
We're not goin' nowhere, don't fuck with this

[Foxy Brown]
(Yes) Fox I'm back baby, and I'm still with the Hand still
Still in the hood, nigga still on the block still
Still in the Benz baby, still in the drop still
I'm still in the chinchillas, still move wit them killas (woah)
Besides that I got my hearing back
The same attitude like what the fuck you staring at
Homie, my case is beat, I'm still spitting heat
Who ya know rep it harder than me, Brooklyn

[Chorus: Movado]
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