War dem a chuck it (Chuck it)
Mi push mi gun inna di fool mouth, and mek him suck it
Buss off di head and pick it up inna him bucket

Some bwoy nuh know bout badman tings dem a just song writer
But long before mi sing a song mi was a sniper
Mi bullet bite off a head call it di viper
Becau dem snitch and dem go ditch dat's wah they die fah

[Verse 1:]
Killa! Nuh please nuh ease cau mi gun just squeeze
Killa fish inna di queer and dat's di least
Cau mi bright, mi see mi nuh fear police
Nah priest, mon tuck dem knees
Cau mi ex off him, beat up pastor in church this is often
Stick it up, mi neva waan hear laughin
Or coughin a fi mi waan fi build dem coffin
And next ting, Fascheenie, weh di fuck do yuh?
How di pickney weh yuh get favor Bounty so?
Fool! Yuh know yuh caan confront mi so
Mon mi buss off yuh head wid di pump it so
Hey! Real gangsta nah run rocket
And next ting gangsta nah own jacket
Mi a real badman wid mi own matic
Bwoy dead pon di ground they only need static
Killin blood spillin a mi top it
Mon why start mi friend dem caan stop it
Mi have gun nuh have name don't tink of it
Dem find a likkle dutty body stink of it

A badman ting a nuh song writin
Shots flyin thru yuh head faster than lightnin
Battyman a keep dem party and invite him
But from dem par wid battyman Jah a go strike him

[Verse 2:]
Mi nuh hear seh a war dem a claim
Shame when a nigga waan try fi play game
They betta don't put a foot pon di main
Copper inna face and mash out yuh brain
Chase cross mek di war get crosser
Mon mi haffi send out di maseter blaster
We nuh put bwoy inna plaster
Flexx pass Roach such a day a disaster
Dem caan stop mi cau mi movin faster
Dem try diss Killa and it cost alotta
Kill di dread cau him a nuh rasta
None caan fuckin prosper
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Songwriter Lyrics

Mavado – Songwriter Lyrics