I open up the door and you come rushing in
Shake me to the core with a your silly grin
There shouldn't be any more room for the pain
You tell me again and again it's okay

How do we get back to the beginning
These crushing days are begging that question
Maybe you can give me a reason
Make it up if you have to

We can shatter what we were
Change the things that went before
I'll show you what we do this for
Cover me, cover me
Shelter is what you can give
Trust you 'til we reach the end
I would do it all again
Cover me, cover me this time

All the bets are off until the sunrise
Corners are cut so open up your eyes
No one here is waiting to be set free
Except you and me

I know - you're the one who understands me
My ghost will come back to when he's feeling lonely
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Cover Me Lyrics

Matthew Puckett – Cover Me Lyrics