Aye it's me, the evil angry mutt, cerebral way corrupt,
Deceitful brain, diseased nd crazed, cuz the way I think be dangerous,
I’ll leave you hangin up restrained then make a needle strain your blood,
And then I’ll grin, because I listen to your screams of pain for fun.

I’m the seed of satan comin in a Jason mask, to break ya back,
Cuz gangsta rap changed me to a crazy maniac,
And even jesus with his angels aint able to change me back,
Cuz all my hateful shady acts, earned be a permanent spot with satans flamin wrath,

Rainin ash, “aye it’s a straight up fact you can’t escape it matt”,
Dang it man, guess ima make it worth it, aint gon waste the chance,
Come with blazin gats then I spray ya cap with fatal blasts,
Then I'm tellin god to kiss my naked ass, just to make him mad,

“take it back”, fuck you god, ima diabolic genius wordsmith,
Wipe my ass with the book a fuckin child often sees in churches,
Rapin a priestly bitch, nd I leave her hymen jaw nd femur hurtin,
But my dick wasn’t wrapped, kinda like osamas stinkin turban


Well, guess ima kill her while the frickin chick is screamin,
Kicked nd beaten, missin teeth nd bleedin in the kitchen thinkin
“jesus please, free me of this evil fiendish wicked demon”,
Haa, wheres the damn police men when the weakened bitches need em,


So am I a psycho? ask the chick I left deceased,
Then cut into eleven pieces, still no one’s arrested me,
I watched her lay in bed asleep, chopped her head, severed clean,
Let it bleed and slowly whispered “rest in peace”
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Am I A Psycho Lyrics

MattDaMutt – Am I A Psycho Lyrics

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