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28 Lyrics

Matt Martians – 28 Lyrics

I'm in love with 2 women, dunno what ima do wit em
I'm not cold, my heart is crowded. bear with me
I cry a lot at night, ill deal with me
The spirits with me
Pray for me please
Sometimes i feel like i wanna get down on my knees
And take this life shit into my own hand, but im a grown man
Gotta deal with the emotions that are at hand
I really love my friends man
Them niggas keep me outta so much shit, damn
Sometimes i feel like i dont even deserve them
And i could always be a better man
So i drop a bunch acid just to find the answers
But it always comes up that life might be pointless
Are there others our there? or is it just us?
Life get crazy sometimes boy let me tell ya
So many people lose they soul for fear of failure
What they dont tell ya, is they dont have the answers
You have em all in you, theres no need to switch your stance up
Now that i have everything i wanted in life
You'd think things would be clearer
You'd think right?

What do i do?
I got love for both of you
But theres no room for 2
What am i spose to do?
You're my base
I dont wanna see you face
Covered in tears
You been there through all those years
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